The Many Names of Hekate

Hecate was known by a number of other names:

Abnukta (She of The Night, also one of the names of Lilith)
Agriope (Savage Face)
Aidônaia (Lady of The Underworld)
Anassa eneroi (Queen of Those Below)
Antaia (The One in Front)
Antania (Enemy of Mankind)
Aphrattos (The Nameless One/The Unnameable One)
Atalos (Tender/Delicate)
Brimo (Angry One/Chthonian Mistress of The Mighty Dead)
Dadophoros (Torch bearer)
Despoina (Lady)
Enodia (Of The Roads)
Epiphanestate Thea (Most Manifest Goddess)
Hekate (She Who Works Her Will/The From-a-far Powerful One/The One who Stands Aloof)
Khthonia (Mistress of The Underworld)
Kleidophoros (Key Bearer)
Kleidouchos (Keeper of The Keys)
Koure mounogenes (Only Begotten Maiden)
Kourotrophe (Nurse of the Young)
Krataiis/Crataeis (Strong One)
Kurotrophos (Protector of Children)
Liparokrêdemnos (Bright-coiffed, with Bright Headband)
Lykania (She-Wolf/Mother of Werewolves)
Megiste (Greatest)
Monogenes (Only Child)
Nocticula (Moon Mistress)
Nyktipolos (Night Wandering)
Pandeina (The All Terrible/The One Feared by All)
Perseis (Daughter of Perses – Destroyer)
Phosphoro (The Light-Bringer)
Propolos (Guide/She Who Shows The Path)
Propylaia (The Guardian)
Skylakagetis (Leader of the Dogs/Mistress of Hellhounds)
Soteira (Savior)
Trevia (Of Three Ways/Goddess of Crossroads)
Tricephalus/Tricephalos (Three- Headed)
Trimorphis (Three Formed, Three Bodied)
Trioditis (Of The Crossroads)
Zerynthia (Lady of Mt. Zerynthos)