The Many Names of Hekate

Hecate was known by a number of other names:

Abnukta (She of The Night, also one of the names of Lilith)
Agriope (Savage Face)
Aid├┤naia (Lady of The Underworld)
Anassa eneroi (Queen of Those Below)
Antaia (The One in Front)
Antania (Enemy of Mankind)
Aphrattos (The Nameless One/The Unnameable One)
Atalos (Tender/Delicate)
Brimo (Angry One/Chthonian Mistress of The Mighty Dead)
Dadophoros (Torch bearer)
Despoina (Lady)
Enodia (Of The Roads)
Epiphanestate Thea (Most Manifest Goddess)
Hekate (She Who Works Her Will/The From-a-far Powerful One/The One who Stands Aloof)
Khthonia (Mistress of The Underworld)
Kleidophoros (Key Bearer)
Kleidouchos (Keeper of The Keys)
Koure mounogenes (Only Begotten Maiden)
Kourotrophe (Nurse of the Young)
Krataiis/Crataeis (Strong One)
Kurotrophos (Protector of Children)
Liparokrêdemnos (Bright-coiffed, with Bright Headband)
Lykania (She-Wolf/Mother of Werewolves)
Megiste (Greatest)
Monogenes (Only Child)
Nocticula (Moon Mistress)
Nyktipolos (Night Wandering)
Pandeina (The All Terrible/The One Feared by All)
Perseis (Daughter of Perses – Destroyer)
Phosphoro (The Light-Bringer)
Propolos (Guide/She Who Shows The Path)
Propylaia (The Guardian)
Skylakagetis (Leader of the Dogs/Mistress of Hellhounds)
Soteira (Savior)
Trevia (Of Three Ways/Goddess of Crossroads)
Tricephalus/Tricephalos (Three- Headed)
Trimorphis (Three Formed, Three Bodied)
Trioditis (Of The Crossroads)
Zerynthia (Lady of Mt. Zerynthos)